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The Harrowed Paths ( BL2878 )

The Harrowed Paths ( BL2878 )

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  • Description
    • By Various  
    • Warhammer horror anthology, features stories from AoS and 40K 
    Explore the darker, mysteryious side of Warhammer Fiction with this great anthology of stories from Warhammer Horror.


    An arcane evil has awoken in these worlds defiled by endless war. Perhaps it was born from the madness of violence. Or else it has always existed, hiding among restless shadows with eyes half-closed. But now, it slithers and creeps into the wreckage of people’s lives, those who have already survived the unthinkable. It covets the lost, the lonely and the hopeless, pushing them down their fateful paths — a reclusive historian, searching for a ghostly ship; the crew of a ruined craft who must brave a slow, inevitable death; an old woman seeking redemption in a hostile wasteland. For these are the stories of journey taken, choices made and the power of the human spirit when dark forces come hunting.


    This collection features tales of the grim and uncanny by Graham McNeill, Jake Ozga, Lora Gray and more.
  • Details
    Binding: Paperback
    Edition: Black Library
    Year: 2021