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Monsterpocalypse: Playmat - Carnage Corners - pip51094

Monsterpocalypse: Playmat - Carnage Corners - pip51094

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CAD$ 38.70
  • Description

    The city planners of Carnage Corners have spent years refining their urban landscape with a balance of commercial and residential zoning, creating the perfect amount of population density. They can virtually guarantee that no monster would be reckless enough to start a fight in this neighborhood due to the threat of being thrown into so many buildings at one time. Carnage Corners is the first new Monsterpocalypse map design to appear in neoprene fabric, offering players even more variety in the city setup of their games.

  • Details
    Packaging: Big Box
    PIP Code: 51094
    Unit Type: Playmat
    Agenda: Neutral
    Faction: None
    Base Size: None