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    Greed is the sin that gives rise to the Piggyback, and it is the most greedy and gluttonous who emerge in their ranks to be inflicted with their fattened leaders. Festooned with medals stolen from ... read more

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    Grave ghouls have a morbidly playful attitude toward the dead, finding a fascination with corpses without truly understanding death. They are especially drawn to the fresh dead, and their actions r... read more

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    Among the war-embattled croaks driven to western Immoren, being a leader can be a burden. Underchief Mire competes with his oversized brother to earn the right to succeed their father, the aging ch... read more

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    Following the unconventional path laid by Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate, the extoller caste has redefined its destiny, and now its most esteemed members no longer fear the Void. Some whose service t... read more

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    Some few immortals prove exceptional enough to earn esteemed recognition. In life, Abidan was a skilled warrior, though from a family of little standing. In death, he has won glory and honor denied... read more

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